Signup and Login


When you launch the GUI console, login dialog appears. If you haven’t signed up yet, press the SIGN UP button.

Login dialog

Enter email, username, password, etc., read and agree to the Terms of Service / Privacy Policy, and click the SIGNUP button. Depending on your system settings, you may need to enter an invitation token to sign up. Furthermore, an email may be sent to verify that the email is yours. If a verification email is sent, you will need to read the email and click the link inside to pass verification before you can log in with your account.

Signup dialog


Depending on the server configuration and plugin settings, sign up by anonymous user may not be allowed. In that case, please contact administrator of your system.


Enter your ID and password and press the LOGIN button. In API ENDPOINT, the URL of Backend.AI Console Server, which relays the request to the Manager, should be entered.


Depending on the installation and setup environment of the Console Server, the endpoint might be pinned and not configurable.

After login, you can check the information of the current resource usage in the Summary tab.

Buy clicking the icon in the upper-right corner, you will see sub menus. You can logout by selecting the Log Out menu.

Signout button

When you forgot your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can click the CHANGE PASSWORD button on the login panel to email a link to change password. You can change your password by reading and following the instruction. Depending on the server settings, the password change feature may be disabled. In this case, contact the administrator.

Signout button


This is also a modular feature, so changing password may not be possible in some systems.