Trouble Shooting

If you use the GUI Console for a long time, you may experience connection problems to Jupyter and/or terminal service, or compute session list not updating. Those problems often disappear when you refresh the Console page. You may refresh the Console by following methods.

  • Web-based Console: Refresh the browser page (use the shortcut provided by browsers such as Ctrl-R). Since the browser’s cache may cause troubles sometimes, it is recommended to refresh the page bypassing the cache (such as Shift-Ctrl-R, but the keys may different on each browser).
  • Console App: Press Ctrl-R shortcut to refresh the app.

SFTP disconnection

When Console App launches SFTP connection, it uses a local proxy server which is embeded in the App. If you exit the Console App during the file transfer with SFTP protocol, the transfer will immediately fail because the connection established through the local proxy server is disconnected. Therefore, even if you are not using a compute session, you should not quit the Console App while using SFTP. If you need to refresh the page, we recommend using the Ctrl-R shortcut.

Also, if the Console App is closed and restarted, the SFTP service is not automatically initiated for the existing compute session. You must explicitly start the SSH/SFTP service in the desired container to establish the SFTP connection.

Inconsistency between allocated and actually using resources


This feature is only available for superadmins.

Occasionally, unstable network connection and container management issues by the docker daemon may cause incorrect display of allocated resources. If this problem occurs, you can go to the Maintenance page and click the RECALCULATE USAGE button to manually correct it.

Image is not displayed after it is pushed to a docker registry


This feature is only available for superadmins.

If new image is pushed to one of Backend.AI docker registries, the image metadata must be updated in Backend.AI to be used in creating a compute session. Metadata update can be performed by clicking the RESCAN IMAGES button on the Maintenance page. This will update metadata for every docker registries, if there are multiple registries.

If you want to update the metadata for a specific docker registry, you can go to the Registries tab in Environments page. Just click the refresh button in the Controls column of the desired registry. Be careful not to delete the registry by clicking the trash icon.