The Web-UI can be used in two forms. It can be used as a web service by connecting to a separate web address prepared by the admins, or as an app provided as a stand-alone executable file that does not require separate installation.

With the web-based Web-UI, users do not need to install a platform-dependent desktop applications and just need the latest versions of browsers such as Chrome.

  • Recommended browser: the latest version of Chrome (at least version > 80)

  • Requirement: any machine that runs Web Browser (2 cores, 4 GiB memory)


We do not support MicroSoft Internet Explorer since it is deprecated and does not follow web standard and support up-to-date brower features.

The stand-alone Web-UI app can be downloaded from following address:


In the case of an app, depending on the security setting of the desktop OS, it may be recognized as an unsigned executable file and a permission check may be required.